Disaster Recovery Services

Cost-effective data recovery planning that gets you back to business fast

Preparing for a disaster starts with
identifying mission critical operations

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Your data access and security is one of your most crucial and immediate assets; without it, your business simply stops. Every business uses some form of data back-up to prevent loss, but a continuity plan involves a business strategy which is employed before an emergency strikes. Anticipation is faster than reaction and our strategy will offer you that edge during a crisis.

NetEffect offers Disaster Recovery Services for securing your data. We replicate your data consistently and automatically to our secure data center. We also provide on-site services, which continually backs up your data for faster recoveries. Disasters concerning your data are never fun, but with NetEffect as your partner we can make this less painful and quickly restore your business to operations.

NetEffect’s Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Upon a disaster, we have options to virtualize your servers at your premises or in our data centers
  • Automated data push to our secure data centers
  • Data backups that can be retrieved anytime
  • Lightning-fast data restoration
  • Daily data backup management and monitoring
  • Regular tests to ensure failover equipment and the disaster recovery plan works as expected

Protect the Access and Security of your data.
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Disaster Recovery Services